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Young states case for importance of having local boards

Posted: 05/24/17 9:00am CST
Aleana Young

In her speech to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Annual Meeting of Council, Saskatchewan School Boards Association Vice-President Aleana Young spoke of the importance of maintaining locally elected boards, while also underscoring the importance of maintaining the historic co-operation among education stakeholders in the province.

“Our members are elected to serve children, families and communities, and all of our efforts are guided by the belief that every student in our Saskatchewan education system should have what is needed to succeed and achieve,” Young said.

“We know that education is crucial to our province’s future, and we know your members [STF] share our commitment to have an education system in Saskatchewan that is a model for student success. We have a long history of working together in that direction. We at the SSBA are proud of the partnerships in the education sector in this province. The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is among our most important partner groups. The SSBA works closely with our province’s educators in many different ways.”

Speaking to a receptive audience, Young stressed that teachers are vital to our education system and are integral to the vision that the boards have for the system.

“We at the SSBA are committed to continued collaboration and engagement with the STF. We know that we all care deeply about working together in the best interests of the students of Saskatchewan.

“We also want to thank teachers for adding their voices in support of local decision making in education governance. We have heard overwhelmingly across the province that community voice and locally elected boards are important for public education,” Young said.

Similar to the STF, Young reminded councillors that school boards in Saskatchewan are dealing with significant challenges as a result of reductions in this provincial budget.

“While boards each have unique needs and circumstances, inflation and enrolment pressures–combined with the restraint measures in place as a result of the increasingly difficult provincial fiscal situation–will have an impact.

“School boards will continue to do everything in their power to ensure students are not negatively affected, but every decision boards of education make can affect the classroom,” Young offered.

“Education is the most important investment for our province. Together we will strive to ensure our education system can meet the needs of all students.”

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