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Wood remembered with an honorary Arbos award

Posted: 05/18/17 9:00am CST
Photo credit: David Monje

On January 22, 2016, a terrible tragedy occurred in one of our Saskatchewan schools. The response of the La Loche Community School staff following this tragedy has been a remarkable illustration of leadership, resilience and courage in the face of a traumatic situation. There is also no denying that the school, the community and, in many ways, the entire Saskatchewan teaching pro­fession were forever changed by the events of that day.

Adam Wood, a member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation who lost his life that day while carrying out his duties as a teacher, was named an honorary winner of the Arbos award at the Annual Meeting of Council.

Adam Wood was in his first year of teaching and chose La Loche as the place to embark on his career. Adam came to the community from Uxbridge, Ontario and brought a love for the outdoors. He related to his students through his appreciation for the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Adam’s teaching career, coupled with his work with teaching food sustainability to youth, illustrated his commitment to supporting young people in making a positive change in their community. Adam will be remembered as a deeply thoughtful person who sought to make a difference in the lives of his students.

Adam’s family described him as an adventurer and as someone who lived each day joyously. Adam’s friends and colleagues remember him as a genuine and kind-hearted individual with a principled approach to living and a desire to live well in his place.

Though he may have just begun his teaching journey, it is clear that Adam Wood was someone who spent his life living out the values of the teaching profession: to be a caring, welcoming, respectful professional committed to being both a teacher and a learner.

A memorial bench will be installed outside the Federation building in Saskatoon as a permanent honour to the memory of Adam Wood.

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