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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Watch a Sask. grade schooler’s stop-animation plea to halt rising sea levels

Posted: 05/12/17 10:34am CST
Photo credit Jan Erik Waider

A seventh-grade girl from a farm near Delisle, Sask. has won a runner-up prize in a worldwide video contest highlighting human population growth.

Kate Wright’s video, entitled “Rising Sea Levels”, highlights how rapid climate change has caused sea levels to rise. It took a middle-school runner-up prize in the “World of 7 Billion” video contest held by Population Education.

The contest called on students to explore the issue of climate change, ocean health or rapid urbanization.

Wright’s minute-long video employs stop-animation, features a voiceover by Wright and makes creative use of a whiteboard, wrapping paper, toy letters and other artfully-incorporated props.

Wright’s teacher at Delisle Composite School used the contest as an assignment in class.

For her efforts, Wright, who lives on a farm near Delisle, also won a $250 cash prize.

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