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Wakaw School Wins Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge

Posted: 05/24/17 9:07am CST
Photo credit: Michal Grosicki

Wakaw School was chosen as one of ten schools in Saskatchewan to receive funds through the Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge for 2017.

The challenge which encourages initiatives aimed at improving student nutrition was started in 2006 by partners Mosaic and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.

To aid in the promotion of student nutrition within the school and community, Wakaw will receive $10,000.

Wakaw Principal, Darryl Dickson said they have achieved a successful breakfast program and now they have bigger plans, “from there we’ve decided to expand, and we’re looking at an outdoor community garden, outdoor classroom space as well as bolstering our Home Ec lab as well through this.”

The school is also eligible for a $13,000 grant through Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-being.

Dickson extended a big thanks to Candice Weber who started running the breakfast and lunch programs for them. He considers their program to be one of the best in the province.

“I think that’s probably the greatest need that I’ve seen anywhere is to make sure our kids have not only healthy foods but are eating and that’s probably the biggest piece with this,” Dickson said. “Balancing nutrition is also balancing classrooms.”

The biggest push behind the breakfast program was making sure that kids are healthy and able to learn.

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