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Jodie Wachs’ Grade 2 class at Brunskill School was present for the unveiling of the “Buddy Bench.”

Elementary school students inspire vice-principal

Just prior to the official unveiling of the colourfully adorned “Buddy Bench,” Brunskill School Vice-Principal Justin Giesbrecht could hardly contain his enthusiasm and pride in what had been a student-driven project from the outset. “That’s why we are so excited,… +Read More

UN takes first steps towards eradicating school-related gender-based violence

Fifty eight countries have signed up to the first ever UN resolution on school-related gender-based violence, “Learning without fear”, during UNESCO’s Executive Board meeting on 16 April. The new resolution invites UNESCO and its Member States to: Condemn gender-based violence in all its forms and manifestations Design and implement national policies and action plans Promote the creation of safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all boys and girls The decision also invites the Director-General to submit a roadmap... +Read More

Students raising $10K for Sierra Leone school

Several Carlton High School students are planning to raise $10,000 over the next year, to help build a school for children who live in poverty in Sierra Leone. “They need help because they don’t have education there and they need a school where they can go to that’s closer because usually they have to like walk really far,” said grade nine student, Taksala Abeygunawardena. “Everyone deserves one [an education], I mean it just helps you like if you can’t read... +Read More
Photo of Ugandan teacher colleagues and students in the classroom.

Ugandan lessons resonate amidst challenging circumstances

The summer of 2014 was an incredibly exciting time for me. The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation selected me to be a part of a fantastic four-person team to Uganda. I felt extremely lucky to be returning… +Read More

Retired Saskatchewan teacher’s assignment attracts international attention

REGINA – A retired teacher in Saskatchewan is attracting international ears for a decades-long assignment involving his former students. “I wanted them to look at where they were going,” said Bruce Farrer, who is from Fort Qu’Appelle. In 1961, he asked his students to pen a 10-page letter to their future selves. For almost every teaching year onward, he asked his students to do the same. He promised his students he would deliver the letters two decades later. Last Friday,... +Read More

Sierra Leone leaves lasting impression on Saskatchewan teacher

It was a journey of a lifetime and an experience that I will never forget. I prepared for teaching and contributing my professional experience and knowledge but never realized the impact it would have and how my life would be forever… +Read More
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