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Blame social media, video games for behavior problems in school, educators say

Growing up in the social media age is doing more harm than good, according to a school counsellor on the northeast Avalon. Boyd Perry said having access to a limitless world of information can be beneficial to learning, but many young kids are not equipped to handle the flood of information they are getting through their screens. “Young people have more access and more information. We automatically think that’s a good thing,” said Perry. “They aren’t yet ready … to develop a... +Read More
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All of society benefits when our students’ mental health is supported

As I stood at the podium to open the July 2016 Canadian Forum on Public Education, I was struck by the timeliness of the forum topic – Wellness in Our Schools: Time to Act. When I started teaching in the… +Read More

New Girl Guides program aims to fill mental health education gap

Girl Guides of Canada is shining a light on mental health. A candle-lighting event is being held Saturday night in Saskatoon in support of the Girl Guides’ new Mighty Minds program, which aims to educate girls and young women on mental health… +Read More

Survey reveals self-harm, unwanted sexual activity rates among Sask. teens

A health survey of about 9,000 students across Saskatchewan was born out of a sense of frustration that too often the province leads the nation in negative health statistics. “Every time a national project or national work would be done… +Read More

Premier Notley visits Calgary, announces new education pilot program

Students at St. Peter elementary Monday scarfed down bowls of spaghetti, veggies, buns and milk, provided through a new school nutrition program being piloted by the province. The Calgary Catholic district school in Penbrooke Meadows was one of a handful… +Read More

Teaching refugee students a real learning curve

Of all the stories, Koreen Geres remembers one in particular. She was teaching a high school class of refugees in Saskatoon, teens who had fled with their families from a war-stricken region of Europe. The teens had much to learn. So, it turned out, did their teacher. One girl was afraid of everything. She was finally convinced to get on a bus for a field trip, but once she was on, she wouldn’t get off. She wouldn’t go to the... +Read More
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