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Some parents concerned about gender-neutral bathrooms in new Regina schools

Some parents are concerned about Regina’s new schools because they all have gender-neutral bathrooms. “My eight-year-old daughter has voiced the most concerns,” said Rena Nepinak. “She feels very strongly about boys and girls using the bathrooms together and she’s not comfortable with it. It’s not familiar to her.” On Monday, Nepinak’s four children will be going to school at the new Sacred Heart School in central Regina. Nepinak said she agrees with gender-neutral bathrooms, but she just hopes her children... +Read More

Rural education congress faces challenges

Compared to past years, attendance numbers at the 22nd National Congress on Rural Education conference held in Saskatoon were lower this year. That, however, is not an indication that the conference, which for years was the only one of its kind in Canada (Alberta has recently added a similar one of its own), has lost its relevance, according to conference chairperson Barb Compton, and Patricia Prowse, associate director at the Saskatchewan Educational Learning Unit. Both point to the fact that... +Read More
students' stories as varied as they are

Students’ stories as varied as they are

Anyone who hasn’t been inside a school in this province in a while is in all likelihood not prepared for what they would encounter. This is particularly true in urban centres and probably none more so than Walter Murray Collegiate… +Read More

Regina schools end preschool programs due to provincial budget cuts

Public schools in Regina are closing the book on three preschool programs and making major changes due to provincial budget cuts. The board says the cuts are necessary because the province cut 2.5 per cent, or $5.7 million, in funding.… +Read More

Don’t shut down library-to-library loans, urges minister despite funding cuts

Education Minister Don Morgan is asking Saskatchewan libraries not to shut down library-to-library loans, which are due to end next week in response to a $4.8-million provincial budget cut to library funding. Library officials say the program is being shut down because sending books between provincial… +Read More

Education minister defends library cuts, cites declining use

The opposition NDP is hammering Saskatchewan Education Minister Don Morgan for suggesting the province has too many libraries. During Thursday’s question period Morgan again defended the multimillion-dollar cuts to libraries in the provincial budget by saying that usage has gone down significantly in the… +Read More
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