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eSport program appeals to 21st century learners

Fort Qu’appelle – “So, you mean you play video games?” It’s pretty much the first question we have to answer and it’s usually followed by a subtle chuckle or eye roll. Yes, we play video games, but let’s be clear… +Read More

Students battle SUMOBots in Saskatoon robotics competition

Students from across Saskatchewan gathered in the Bridge City Thursday to battle the robots they built. Saskatchewan Polytechnic hosted nearly 200 students from 40 high schools at its Saskatoon campus for the annual myRobotRumble SUMObot Challenge. Prior to the competition, teams were given a kit containing enough parts for two robots. Teachers worked with students to build and test the robots. Jay Shah is a Grade 10 student from Marion Graham Collegiate in Saskatoon and participated in the competition. He... +Read More

Kids learn computer code in class to help with problem solving

Computer coding is showing up on more and more elementary schools curricula worldwide every year — and that includes schools here in Canada. In fact a new nation-wide initiative starts its rollout today, in Iqaluit, with the goal of exposing… +Read More

All aboard the EdCamp express!

EdCamps are led by teachers for teachers. They are free professional development opportunities centered on 21st century learning, practical technology integration and best practice. An EdCamp provides an opportunity for teachers with different skills, abilities, resources and aptitudes to gather… +Read More
smart board

SMART Boards can be a powerful teaching ally if fully utilized

The mere fact there were 18 folks in attendance at a workshop, that was initially envisioned to have a maximum capacity of 15, speaks volumes of how many teachers in the province are looking for ways to enhance their knowledge… +Read More

Top 10 Ways iPads Are Key to Teaching Kids With Learning Disabilities

By now, saying that “the iPad is a great tool for customizing the classroom” wouldn’t exactly be breaking news. But while this holds true for every student, each of whom learns in their own way, iPads are truly a lifeline for students with learning disabilities and the people who work hand-in-hand with them. For these students, iPads act as a translation, communication, and individualization tool with unrivaled effectiveness. In so doing, these devices reduce frustration, build confidence, and, well, just... +Read More
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