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Regier’s range of passions lead to tireless pursuits for her students

Admittedly I don’t have irrefutable proof on this and it hasn’t received international fanfare, but somehow Andrea Regier has managed to solve the age-old conundrum of how one finds more than 24 hours in a day. Based on a conversation… +Read More

Arbos awards recognize trio of female educators for their efforts

This year’s recipients of the Arbos awards not only encompass all facets of education, but they also prove the adage that every educator brings something different to the profession, even if their overall aim is unquestionably similar. Sonja Susut and… +Read More

Great teachers deserve to be applauded: Editorial

Teaching may be one of the most rewarding careers there can be. But with the exception of rare films and books that profile inspiring teachers, such as Stand and Deliver, it’s a profession that is rarely celebrated — or even necessarily respected. That’s a shame. All societies owe a huge debt to good teachers. That’s why it’s such welcome news that the Varkey Foundation is shining a spotlight on teaching to elevate the standing of the profession with a $1-million... +Read More
Robert Regnier and Charlene Rudderham share a lighter moment prior to the presentation of their respective Arbos awards later in the evening as part of the STF Annual Meeting of Council.

Arbos recipients have demonstrated shared passion for education

Although in terms of the age spectrum in which they have taught couldn’t be further apart, the commonality for this year’s two recipients of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Arbos awards is the incredible length of time they have devoted to… +Read More

Changing disappointment to opportunity can be key for teachers

As teachers, we are now at the point where we have as much of our school year to reflect on as we have to look forward to. Our satisfaction and joy in our and our students’ accomplishments is an accumulation of small moments and observations, as well as those larger events that dot our calendars. It is also possible that we have had points of friction and disappointment in events or people around us. Those possible issues or barriers are... +Read More
McDowell Foundation Board President Sheena Koops delivers opening presentation to Learning From Practice.

Koops bases excitement for the future on successes of the past

During her presentation to those attending this year’s Learning From Practice session McDowell Foundation Board President Sheena Koops opted to briefly look at the past while also musing over what the future holds. A long time ardent supporter of the… +Read More
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