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Teaching EAL students proves emotional

Teaching EAL students proves emotional

Trying to get a word in edgewise can sometimes be elusive if you’re talking to Laura Jorgenson during her English as an additional language class. If it’s not the phone ringing or students coming and going, there’s probably something else… +Read More

Stress and anxiety levels are increasingly common for members of the profession

REGINA – As he looked over the sessions at the Regina Teachers’ Convention, the proof was staring him in the face, even if it was merely confirmation as opposed to surprise. Jeff Perry, president of the Regina Public School Teachers’ Association, thumbed through the attendance figures for those breakout sessions that dealt specifically with issues such as feeling overwhelmed, burnout, fatigue and mindful­ness. He pointed out that these sessions in particular were filled well in advance in terms of those... +Read More

Principal needs to champion teachers’ professional learning

Within a school’s professional community, the principal, as instructional leader or lead learner, is responsible for championing and facilitating teachers’ professional learning. Recently, a group of Saskatchewan school administrators forwarded questions regarding the instructional leader’s role in supporting teacher growth and development. What follows are a few of their questions along with responses arising out of recent educational research. What does the research say about leadership actions that have the greatest impact on staff learning? A wide range of research... +Read More

Facilitator participants sing the praises of teacher-led concept

Quite simply, the volume level in the room almost made one wonder aloud if you really could be in a professional development day for teachers. As it turns out, in talking to participants at the first-ever Provincial Facilitator Community Day,… +Read More

NORTEP students will be accepted into Northlands College according to CEO

The CEO of a northern Saskatchewan post-secondary school is assuring current Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) students they will be accepted into the institution selected to take over their program. In March the province announced that NORTEP would transition to Northlands College by August.… +Read More
school divisions spared amalgamation but education funding cut

School divisions spared amalgamation but education funding cut

REGINA – During his pre-budget briefing, Minister of Education Don Morgan not only delivered the news that many had been predicting in terms of cuts to PreK-12 education funding, but also confirmed the government is no longer talking of transformational… +Read More
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