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Arynne Spencer and Evan Beaulieu both came away enthused about the session.

Voice of youth resonates with school board officials

Adhering to the theory that if something works well, you repackage it and present it to an even larger audience, the Canadian School Boards Association National Congress is to be held July 2 to 4 in Saskatoon will feature a… +Read More
There was plenty to discuss as the various education partners gathered to discuss the issue of teacher and student time recently.

Joint committee members optimistic time study can be a catalyst for improvement

There have arguably been few issues lately that have caused more confusion and debate than teacher and student time. In an attempt to bring clarity and understanding to the topic, a Joint Committee on Student and Teacher Time was formed,… +Read More

Agreement reached in teacher bargaining

The Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee (GTBC) and the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee have accepted terms of settlement for a new provincial collective bargaining agreement for Saskatchewan teachers following conclusion of conciliation and receipt of the Conciliation Board Report. “After working through the… +Read More

Cline maintains students are beneficiaries of co-operative model

While for the most part it would probably be fair to say students in the classrooms are blissfully unaware of it, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Vice-President Randy Cline underscored the importance of co-operation between teachers and school boards in order for the province’s education system to flourish. Speaking at the Saskatchewan School Boards Association’s annual general meeting in Saskatoon, Cline alluded to the joint efforts and leadership of teachers and school boards and other educational partners as needing to be a... +Read More

McKee supports finding efficiencies for school boards

Granted the wording might be different, but one could easily be forgiven for mistaking the Saskatchewan School Boards Association’s contemplating of alternative service delivery models as just another branding for the controversial LEAN model employed by the provincial government in… +Read More
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