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Aberdeen teacher Kelli White is a staunch advocate for teaching social justice issues with her middle years students, including the Girls Everywhere Matter initiative.

White hopeful her passion for social justice issues passed on to students

ABERDEEN – The most recent Girls Everywhere Matter Gala held at Aberdeen Composite School featured internationally celebrated Alaina Podmorow, founder of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan, as the keynote speaker. It was just another example of bringing the… +Read More
Simon Breakspear (left) is often in dialogue with politicians such as Cam Broten.

Breakspear reckons Saskatchewan is on the right track

As a recognized international learning strategist and innovator, Simon Breakspear is all about the archetypical “big picture” when it comes to educational reform. So it should come as no surprise that was integral to the message he delivered as keynote… +Read More
École Connaught Community School principal Christopher Keyes is shown alongside teacher Wybo Ottenbreit-Born.

Keyes and staff of École Connaught Community School adjust to life as vagabonds

REGINA – For sheer drama and irony on so many levels, you would be hard-pressed to find a situation in education that would equal that of École Connaught Community School. Whereas things had been pretty much status quo for quite… +Read More
Bishop Roborecki School Principal Shawn Lorenz discusses project with students during the Leader in Me open house.

Leader in Me program has profound impact at Bishop Roborecki

Shawn Lorenz might not have been the one who initially brought the program to the school, but you would be hard pressed to find a stauncher supporter of the Leader in Me student leadership initiative that is now in its… +Read More
Provincial court Judge Gerald Morin presides over mock trial featuring students from St. Frances school in Saskatoon.

Mock trial presents different side of legal system to students

All the trappings were in place at the crammed Native Law Centre, albeit that the respective lawyers in this mock trial might have featured rather more soft-spoken presentations than is the norm in the actual courtroom. There were approximately 40… +Read More

Saskatoon transit lockout affects high school attendance

The Saskatoon transit lockout is ongoing and it’s affecting the attendance of some high school students. Cheyenne Marasky is a Grade 12 student at Oskayak High School in Saskatoon. She mostly depends on the bus to get to school and home. “It’s really hard, and sometimes I can’t get to school in the mornings,” she said. “I really want to get to school on time.” She’s not the only one. Of the more than 300 people that are registered students at Oskayak... +Read More
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