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Guyana overseas

Remoteness only enriched this Project Overseas adventure

We took off from Georgetown in a small single-engine eight-seater plane. As we headed inland to our destination two hours southwest of the Guyanese capital, the clouds enclosed us and pelting rain pounded the windshield. The four Canadians were nervous.… +Read More

Leading for inclusion and equity: success for all students

Aspirations for inclusion and equity are forefront on educational agendas around the world today. Research identifies a clear relationship between an inclusive and affirming learning environment and student learning success and achievement. The October 2016 Journal of Staff Development highlights… +Read More
Project Overseas – Ghana

Ghana teachers live to teach just like their Canadian counterparts

We Live to Teach! is a sentiment that I believe resonates with teachers around the world, regardless of what grade level we teach, what country we are in or what language we speak. Teachers do not go into education for… +Read More

Anti-bullying resources launched

A number of new anti-bullying resources are being provided to Saskatchewan schools to assist students and teachers as they work to end bullying and create more caring and inclusive schools. The resources include several videos that have been developed as… +Read More

PISA results can be misleading

Suffice to say some of the stories we have seen in the mainstream media in the days following the release of the 2015 PISA results, “designed to evaluate the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems,” regarding concerns over Saskatchewan results are somewhat misdirected. We are likely ranked number one among all provinces and countries. The data being reported was only one-third the PISA picture for Saskatchewan’s school systems – student performance. So conclusions are likely misleading. When performance, equitable... +Read More

Perrins outlines four options in educational governance review report

Less than a month after he was named to lead the work on a K – 12 educational governance review, Dan Perrins submitted his findings to the Ministry of Education by presenting four options for consideration. These options range from maintaining the status quo of 28 school divisions to potentially the most extreme, which would be creating a single provincial board with a CEO who would oversee four to six regions throughout the province, each of which would have a... +Read More
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