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Gender and sexual diversity new reality in provincial classrooms

Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have contributed to a growing awareness of gender and sexual diversity in society. As well, television shows such as I am Jazz may lead to conversations among youth about gender identity which are bound to reach into the school and school community. The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation policy, gender and sexual diversity, provides support for Saskatchewan teachers as part of the newly developed policies on social justice and equity. All individuals are assigned a... +Read More

Teachers hold vigil for La Loche victims at STF building

The entire province was left reeling following news of the school shooting in the northern community of La Loche that left four people dead, including teacher Adam Wood, teaching assistant Marie Janvier and teenage students Drayden and Dayne Fortaine, who… +Read More
Shelly Stanley, Chelsey Dillon and Patronella Lewis from Onion Lake are busy taking notes from this year’s Taking Your Place in the Professional Community conference for beginning teachers.

Onion Lake teachers can apply what they learned to classrooms

For a trio of elementary school teachers from Onion Lake Cree Nation attending this year’s Taking Your Place in the Professional Community conference for beginning teachers was not only an event that proved to be different from what they might… +Read More
Joel Westheimer shares views with province’s teachers attending Councillor Conference.

Westheimer insists teachers are not anti-testing

Even though he might have been preaching to the choir, Joel Westheimer’s keynote address to this year’s Councillor Conference was pretty clear when he implored the decision makers in public education to “let teachers teach.” Westheimer, a native of the… +Read More
Sheena Koops and Ramona Alexson were among the presenters at SSBL fall summit. SSBL summit addresses number one issue in province.

SSBL summit addresses number one issue in province

In the view of Carol Sarich, president of the Saskatchewan School Based Leaders, the number one issue facing public education in Saskatchewan is improving First Nations, Métis and Inuit student outcomes. It was therefore not surprisingly the focus of the… +Read More

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day in Saskatchewan

First proclaimed by UNESCO in 1994, World Teachers’ Day, annually on October 5th is a celebration of the special role and contributions of the teaching profession in creating healthy and sustainable societies across the globe. In Saskatchewan, the profession is… +Read More
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