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Currie says providing education can’t be just about dollars and cents

Rob Currie wasted little time in attempting to make a connection with those attending the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Annual Meeting of Council by alluding to his three-plus decades in the education sector, including his tenure as a classroom teacher, administrator… +Read More

Schmaltz uses historical quotations to emphasize his commitment

In his initial address to councillors, recently named Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Executive Director Randy Schmaltz evoked the words of such luminaries as Martin Luther King Jr. and Winston Churchill. Schmaltz pulled no punches in describing the serious challenges the teaching… +Read More

Talking and listening

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but in order for there to be a fruitful conversation there needs to be two components: talking and listening. One person or entity telling the other how it’s going to be does not qualify as a conversation-any classroom teacher will tell you this. Sure it sounds simple enough, but it’s unfortunately just as simple to revert to the latter–especially if you surmise that you’re the one who has all the answers and... +Read More

Arbos awards recognize trio of female educators for their efforts

This year’s recipients of the Arbos awards not only encompass all facets of education, but they also prove the adage that every educator brings something different to the profession, even if their overall aim is unquestionably similar. Sonja Susut and… +Read More

Wood remembered with an honorary Arbos award

On January 22, 2016, a terrible tragedy occurred in one of our Saskatchewan schools. The response of the La Loche Community School staff following this tragedy has been a remarkable illustration of leadership, resilience and courage in the face of… +Read More

Maze would welcome meeting with Premier Wall to deal with education

As Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Patrick Maze pondered the myriad of challenges that lie ahead for the PreK-12 public education sector, he indicated that he would absolutely love to have a face-to-face meeting with Premier Brad Wall. According to Maze,… +Read More
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