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Aboriginal youth entrepreneurial program has exceeded expectations

It has frequently been suggested by a variety of folks that one of the most significant challenges for Aboriginal youth in contemplating their future is that all too often they have little or no opportunity to become involved in the… +Read More

Cohen: The remarkable lessons – and promises – of a high school graduation

It is the season of graduation. Curiously, we call the spring ceremony conferring degrees or diplomas “commencement.” For students in high school, in particular, it is the anteroom to the next stage of life. For parents, though, commencement is an end. An end to secondary school. An end to adolescence, that award-winning psychodrama. We think of what it took to get here. We recall the joys of geometry, understanding as Bing Crosby said in a different context, that “everyone has... +Read More

‘I wish my teacher knew…’: Young students share their ‘heartbreaking’ worries in notes

An elementary school teacher who received ‘heartbreaking’ notes after she asked her students to share their worries, has inspired other teachers to use her trick and better understand their own pupils. Kyle Schwartz, teaches a third grade class at Doull Elementary in Denver, Colorado. The majority of her students come from underprivileged homes, as 92 per cent are entitled to free or reduced school lunches, she told ABC News. “As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of... +Read More
This group of math teachers are seeing tangible improvements with their students.

Differentiated approach has shared attraction for teaching colleagues

Gone are the days when learning mathematics was all about memorization and it was pretty much cut and dried – either you got it or you didn’t. Talking to a group of five Saskatoon-based educators teaching in core community schools… +Read More