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STF insists changes be made for right reasons in governance submission

In its submission to the kindergarten to Grade 12 educational governance review, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation made it clear that potential wide-sweeping changes in the sector are not necessarily bad, but at the same time stressed there are some ifs… +Read More

Rural Sask. community concerned about education reform

Fox Valley, Sask. residents are rallying against potential changes to the administration of the Saskatchewan K-12 education system. The village held an emergency meeting at town hall on Thursday to discuss an educational reform report that was commissioned by the province. More than 100 residents showed up to express their concerns — in a village with a population listed at 260. Mayor Sean Checkley said on Saturday that council was concerned as soon as they read the review report, completed by civil servant Dan Perrins, which... +Read More
councillor confernce

Maze has plenty to contemplate in education sector

It would be an under­statement to suggest that these are rather uncertain times in public education in Saskatchewan and so it is therefore quite understandable when Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Patrick Maze offers his thoughts on a particular subject, the… +Read More
Presidents from throughout the province took time out from the serious business of Presidents’ Forum to enjoy a little autumn sunshine and camaraderie as they posed for the group photo.

Presidents’ Forum helps newcomer learn tricks of the trade

Even for the more-seasoned folks in the room, the range of topics discussed at the Presidents’ Forum can seem rather overwhelming and sometimes trying to connect the dots becomes challenging. So imagine what it’s like for a third-year teacher who… +Read More
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Viewpoint: Inclusion, equity and democracy

Prof. Derek Allison’s op-ed article, Freedom, autonomy and accountability (Aug. 19), regarding the principles for better schools is an affront to the citizens of Saskatchewan, who prioritize and support an education system based on the enduring principles of inclusion, equity and… +Read More

Welcome back for new school year

Aleta Hagan didn’t waste any time before reading the first book of the year to the shared Grade 1 class at Clavet Composite School as students returned for the first day. Hagan and her colleague Karla Wenc have adjacent classrooms… +Read More
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