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Teachers among public sector employees facing salary freeze

The Saskatchewan government, in its latest step to address the $1 billion budget deficit, has the province’s 13,000 plus teachers finding themselves among the more than 64,000 public sector employees who the government is saying that salary costs will not… +Read More
education sector planning submission

STF insists changes be made for right reasons in governance submission

In its submission to the kindergarten to Grade 12 educational governance review, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation made it clear that potential wide-sweeping changes in the sector are not necessarily bad, but at the same time stressed there are some ifs… +Read More

Governance Report Echoes Concerns Heard by School Boards

REGINA – The Educational Governance Review Report by Dan Perrins released in December raises concerns that are consistent with what school boards are hearing across the province about further forced amalgamations of school divisions and the elimination of democratically and locally elected trustees. “We have heard clearly from our communities that local voice and locally elected representation is important in education,” said Dr. Shawn Davidson, president of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association. “We have heard that school divisions are big... +Read More

New Alberta curriculum to be built by subject experts and industry leaders

Industry leaders and future employers will be among those helping guide Alberta Education in their journey to build the best curriculum possible for Alberta’s kids. Alberta Education is in the first stages of their four-year plan to overhaul the province’s curriculum for the six main subject areas (math, social studies, sciences, arts education, language arts—English and French—and wellness education,) and said after teachers and subject experts have laid out the foundation for the new curriculum, they’ll be seeking the input... +Read More

Morgan leaves questions for trustees to ponder

Partway through his speech to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association Members’ Council in Saskatoon, Education Minister Don Morgan decided it was time to address the topic that, by his own admission, had been at the forefront of our attention since the June budget. However, when he was done with outlining the many potential consequences that could result from transformational change, there were more questions than answers. That was purposely how Morgan framed his speech – acknowledging that there are a... +Read More
Regina Public School Teachers’ Association President Jeff Perry (left) and Regina Public Schools Director of Education Greg Enion go over some of the paperwork, along with a strong collaborative approach, that has characterized work by the division to reduce teacher intensification.

Regina Public proves effective template in addressing teacher workload

REGINA – The conversation surrounding increased teacher intensification has been – well intense you might say. As much as the majority of attention is often centred on development of a cap on teacher time, as recommended by the Task Force… +Read More
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