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Blame social media, video games for behavior problems in school, educators say

Growing up in the social media age is doing more harm than good, according to a school counsellor on the northeast Avalon. Boyd Perry said having access to a limitless world of information can be beneficial to learning, but many young kids are not equipped to handle the flood of information they are getting through their screens. “Young people have more access and more information. We automatically think that’s a good thing,” said Perry. “They aren’t yet ready … to develop a... +Read More

Hour of code

The Hour of Code is an initiative that has been promoted around the world to get more people to experience, understand and play with code. In 2016, Hour of Code events took place around the world the week of December… +Read More

Learning From Practice and 25th Anniversary Gala

Learning From Practice is an annual conference of the McDowell Foundation that ensures Foundation-funded researchers have the opportunity to share their project experiences and outcomes with their colleagues across the province. This year’s conference was on February 3 and featured… +Read More

The instructional leader key as curriculum leader

In his most recent book, Leadership for Teacher Learning, Dylan Wiliam asserts that the key to improving education is to improve the quality of instructional practice. Further, he argues that a primary function of school leaders is to “improve the… +Read More
making personal connections

Making personal connections important

Cosmetology, cow calf, visual art and construction aren’t necessarily the courses that come to mind when you think about distance learning, but those are just the kind of innovative courses that the Chinook Cyber School offers. It can be a… +Read More
education fair

Educational Career Fair

Among the many different booths at this year’s Educational Job Fair was the one from the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation with Scott Burant, coordinator of member services, on hand to inform aspiring young teachers what the STF has to offer, including… +Read More
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