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Preparing global citizens

Daily media stories about global issues such as severe weather, famines, ongoing wars and rising extremism, shifting patterns of migration and the plight of refugees, and globalization and its impact on social, political and economic structures are a constant reminder that we need to prepare students to be citizens of an increasingly interdependent and complex world. The December 2016/January 2017 issue of Educational Leadership, on the theme of the global-ready student, features articles on topics such as online collaboration and... +Read More

Education can’t afford to be bypassed

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that we continue to wait for news of the educational governance review. This is, after all, not the wacky world of U.S. President Donald Trump where you can expect an immediate, bombastic reaction. In the current climate of Saskatchewan politics however, the wheels still move at a somewhat slower pace. As the conjecture now seems to focus on the results being unveiled simultaneously with the provincial budget on March 22, one can’t help but... +Read More

Partnership paves way for Professional Development School
 for next wave of Indigenous educators

Referring to it as a momentous occasion, it was a case of coming full circle for University of Saskatchewan College of Education Dean Michelle Prytula. A decade earlier she had been the principal at the somewhat aging St. Frances Cree… +Read More

Student’s question triggered victorious McDowell research project

It all started rather innocently when the curiosity of a 15-year-old student was piqued as to why the river near the home community of Cumberland River was browner than usual. The quick answer was perhaps simple enough in that there… +Read More

Schmaltz maintains anchors to past while looking for courageous future opportunities

During his career in education that has spanned nearly 30 years, Randy Schmaltz has maintained a steadfast belief in the importance of integrity and trust. Those traits are what he sees as vital in preparing to assume his new duties… +Read More

Schultz suggests McDowell Foundation more important than ever

Honoured as one of the builders of the McDowell Foundation during its 25th anniversary gala celebrations, Harold Schultz had no problem recalling the most formative days of the initiative in which he played an integral role. Yet as much as… +Read More
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