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New Regina program helps school kids deal with anxiety and depression

FRIENDS program among stories being told on The Morning Edition today Teaching kids how to smile and stay calm for life. It’s one of the ambitious goals a new program between Regina Public Schools and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region hopes to accomplish. FRIENDS, an acronym for the skills and lessons emphasized in the program, tackles the issue of anxiety and depression in elementary school students. Feelings Remember to relax I can try! I can do my best! Explore coping... +Read More

Westmount School competes for $10K worth of books

Contest run by Indigo Books, people can vote to ‘adopt’ schools across the country A sense of pride and spirit is growing at Saskatoon’s Westmount Community School. The school is in the running to win a national contest. The prize is $10,000 worth of books, courtesy of Indigo. Parent Maria Vaiasoometimes says sometimes inner-city schools get a bad reputation. When she and her husband bought a house in Westmount, friends and family said, “You’re going to send your kids where?” “It was... +Read More
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World Teachers’ Day

It is inescapably ironic that too often teachers are seen as less than enamored with the dizzying pace of change they are confronted with on a regular basis. Yet in the words of the late Nelson Mandela “education is the… +Read More

Northern Saskatchewan school excelling in ‘mathletics’

More than 400 students from Grade 1 to 12 participating Many schools in Saskatchewan strive for success in athletics. But Father Porte Memorial School in Black Lake is making a name for itself in mathletics. The school has a web-based math program. The grade seven class is currently ranked in the top five in Canada. Principal Steven Thatcher has seen improvements in marks and attitudes towards math. “No confidence, kids were having a rough time. Now with mathletics, they succeed so when... +Read More

Saskatoon’s Oskayak high school hires buses to get students to class

Oskayak High School says half its students are affected by the transit lockout Oskayak High School has hired two buses to help get students affected by the Saskatoon transit lockout to school. Of the 317 students, 155 couldn’t get to school last week. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools worked with Oskayak High School administration to charter buses to areas where most of the absent students live. The first bus ran for the first time on Monday to the West side. The bus... +Read More

Saskatchewan youngsters challenged to walk to school

A group that promotes exercise is challenging youngsters in Saskatchewan to walk to school. The group — Saskatchewan in Motion — says that compared to their parents, the number of Canadian youngsters who walk to school is down by nearly 30 per cent. The group notes that, overall, just one in three children walks to school nowadays. To encourage walking as a form of exercise, the group wants youngsters to try walking to school next week. “We just really want... +Read More
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