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Turkey Dinner at Westmount School

A number of local organizations came together to provide a turkey lunch for children in need. +Read More
Trent Wotherspoon listens to teachers at the 2014 Councillor Conference.

Wotherspoon takes government to task over education policy

As a one-time classroom teacher himself, Trent Wotherspoon welcomed the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education that it was reallocating monies that were once intended to support standardized testing in favour of front-line supports for the classrooms. However, as… +Read More

Catholic school now allowing girls to do gay rights project

‘The girls will be welcome to present their project at the social justice fair,’ Catholic school board says The principal at a Catholic school near Tunney’s Pasture is now allowing two Grade 6 girls to present a social justice fair project on gay rights. Ann Maloney’s daughter initially wasn’t allowed to do a project on gay rights for her Catholic school’s social justice fair. That decision has now been reversed. (CBC) The girls, their parents and the principal at St.... +Read More

Local Saskatoon businesses and core public community schools come together this Christmas

For this year’s Festival of Trees 2014, three educators, Allison Hughes, Koreen Geres and Belinda Daniels saw an opportunity to bring diverse students together in celebration of peace, understanding and love. Geres and Daniels both teach at Mount Royal Collegiate with two distinct groups: Aboriginal and New Comer immigrant students. Hughes, Geres and Daniels’ intended outcome was breaking down barriers and debunking stereo-typical myths about both populations of students. Full article +Read More

McDowell Foundation hosts Learning from Practice Conference in Saskatoon

A group of 85 teachers, administrators, and other school-based professionals came together November 28 in Saskatoon for a conference focused on teacher-led research in Saskatchewan schools.   There were 11 research teams who presented on projects ranging from using an Inquiry-based… +Read More

Season’s Greetings

This group of exuberant grade 2 and 3 students from École Victoria School (Saskatoon Public Schools) descended on the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation building to exhibit their hand-made Christmas tree decorations which they then used to adorn the two trees that… +Read More
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