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group of teachers from Clavet Composite School

Teacher collaboration benefitted student engagement as well as collegiality

As they embarked on an ambitious collaboration project with funding from the McDowell Foundation, a group of six teachers from varying grade levels and subject areas at Clavet Composite School found the exercise to be highly beneficial. It not only… +Read More
McDowell Foundation Board President Sheena Koops delivers opening presentation to Learning From Practice.

Koops bases excitement for the future on successes of the past

During her presentation to those attending this year’s Learning From Practice session McDowell Foundation Board President Sheena Koops opted to briefly look at the past while also musing over what the future holds. A long time ardent supporter of the… +Read More

Using teacher collaboration to improve student engagement in Clavet

During the 2014-15 school year, Clavet Composite School Vice Principal Paul McTavish and teachers Moira Hamm, Michelle Brochu, Audrey Gavlas, Jon Pedersen and Cherie Wilke-Priel received a McDowell Foundation research grant to explore using teacher collaboration to improve student engagement.… +Read More

Teacher researcher and U of S faculty member focus on treaty education in Saskatchewan classrooms

For Brandon Needham and Dr. Michael Cottrell, the introduction of treaty catalyst teachers into Saskatchewan classrooms in 2008 initiated a research project aimed at exploring how treaty education was addressed in both public and band schools in the province. With… +Read More
This group of teachers got together to hone their research skills.

McDowell Foundation holds workshops for teacher-researchers

This past Friday and Saturday teachers gathered at the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation building in Saskatoon to hone their action research skills.  Friday was the Final Report Writing workshop for teachers finishing up their yearlong research projects, while Saturday focused on… +Read More
Susan Plant (left) and Jennifer Dorval formed not only a strong coaching team together, but also forged a lasting bond between two lifelong learners.

McDowell Foundation recipients remain staunch believers in coaching colleagues

LASHBURN – Like ships passing in the night, the respective career paths of Susan Plant and Jennifer Dorval have ironically been reciprocal in fashion since the two combined their passionate efforts to be awarded the 2014 McDowell Foundation Award. The… +Read More
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