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education sector planning submission

STF insists changes be made for right reasons in governance submission

In its submission to the kindergarten to Grade 12 educational governance review, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation made it clear that potential wide-sweeping changes in the sector are not necessarily bad, but at the same time stressed there are some ifs… +Read More

Hour of code

The Hour of Code is an initiative that has been promoted around the world to get more people to experience, understand and play with code. In 2016, Hour of Code events took place around the world the week of December… +Read More

Alberta LGBTQ school toolkit praised as ‘good start,’ but called ‘dangerous’ by critic

Mason Jenkins is a 27-year-old transgender Calgary man who began his transition about six years ago. “I just never really fit in those constructed ideas of what it means to be a little girl, what it means to be feminine in our society,” he explained. “Our school system is a very heteronormative system, so it doesn’t really provide experiences of transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, two-spirit, LGBTQ identities.” So for Jenkins, a new guidebook to help teachers discuss issues around gender,... +Read More

SPDU expansion brings professional development to more locales

As the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit continues to grow with the addition of Connie Molnar and Linda Aspen-Baxter as the latest associate directors to join the fold, the way SPDU Director Terry Johanson sees it, “we have expertise in all… +Read More

New tool to open discussion on mental health in Canadian classrooms

OTTAWA – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is proud to release a discussion booklet for Grades 5-12 titled — Mental Health Stigma: Challenging it Together! The booklet was developed to help teachers open up classroom discussions on mental health stigma to… +Read More
David Katzman and Nadia Prokopchuk

Efforts being made to bring Holodomor to students’, teachers’ attention

The word Holodomor – literally translated from Ukrainian means “murder by starvation” – is probably not front and centre for most teachers when they delve into the history books. We know that between four and 10 million Ukrainian men, women… +Read More
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