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Rural education congress faces challenges

Compared to past years, attendance numbers at the 22nd National Congress on Rural Education conference held in Saskatoon were lower this year. That, however, is not an indication that the conference, which for years was the only one of its kind in Canada (Alberta has recently added a similar one of its own), has lost its relevance, according to conference chairperson Barb Compton, and Patricia Prowse, associate director at the Saskatchewan Educational Learning Unit. Both point to the fact that... +Read More

Students bring Vimy Ridge experience 
to life in most convincing manner

DALMENY–From the moment you walked through the remarkably created, dimly lit tunnel, it belied the fact you were in a high school gymnasium. That was just the start of an impressive transformation into what easily could have been the area… +Read More

Study the game tape

I recently had the good fortune to work with an intern. It is always great professional development and a chance to impact the future of teaching by working with an aspiring teacher. Our internship journey had a unique, reflective and what I feel is a game-changing twist. A twist that is commonplace in many other professions and that is video analysis. Just as a football team would get the game film and break down what happened on offense, defense and... +Read More
Guyana overseas

Remoteness only enriched this Project Overseas adventure

We took off from Georgetown in a small single-engine eight-seater plane. As we headed inland to our destination two hours southwest of the Guyanese capital, the clouds enclosed us and pelting rain pounded the windshield. The four Canadians were nervous.… +Read More
world robotics

Robotics has been the passport to the world for Yorkton students

During the last five years or so, teacher Kevin Chiasson and a group of his students at Yorkton Regional High School have parlayed their passion and considerable skill with robotics as a springboard to see the world. When the latest… +Read More
weyburn physics program

Roller-coaster proving to be quite a ride for Weyburn physics program

Traditionally it would probably not be inaccurate to suggest that physics for some students can be somewhat of a roller-coaster ride, whereas for some it just never seems to resonate. Ironically though it is precisely the utilization of an improvised… +Read More
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