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Viewpoint: Inclusion, equity and democracy

Prof. Derek Allison’s op-ed article, Freedom, autonomy and accountability (Aug. 19), regarding the principles for better schools is an affront to the citizens of Saskatchewan, who prioritize and support an education system based on the enduring principles of inclusion, equity and… +Read More
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Education Minister David Eggen sends out message to LGBTQ students

Education minister David Eggen penned an open letter to LGBTQ kids Tuesday, pledging the province’s support with any problems they may have at school this year. “A few weeks from now, you and thousands of other Alberta students will head… +Read More
There was a kaleidoscope of colours on display at the performance of Resilience, which was a production penned by Chris Scribe.

Pan-Canadian teacher survey shows need for quality resources to infuse Aboriginal perspectives in education

OTTAWA – A pan-Canadian survey of nearly 1,900 teachers reveals a high need for quality information and education resources on Aboriginal language and culture in elementary and secondary classrooms across the country. The majority of all teachers surveyed report three of… +Read More
Students joined others, including Whitecap Dakota First Nation Chief Darcy Bear, to celebrate the latest home built at the Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre.

Student-built home bound for Whitecap Dakota First Nation

The highly successful partnership that has been established between the High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program at Mount Royal Collegiate and Whitecap Dakota First Nation recently saw the conclusion of the sixth house built by the students. Prior to the house… +Read More
The colourful and historically significant mural was a team effort in the true sense.

Bishop Klein kindergarten students bring treaties to life

As Bishop Klein School principal Kent Gauthier indicated this was the very epitome of a team effort as he referenced the colourful mural behind him. Working in partnership with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and with funding from the… +Read More

Dyck family says education ministry’s gender supports are a good step towards inclusion

When Lucas Dyck began Grade 8, his parents tried to register him at school as a male. It couldn’t be done. This fall, he won’t have that issue. The education ministry is working to better accommodate transgender students, allowing them to enrol as male, female, or unspecified, depending on their self-identity and not on their identification. Since he was three years old, Lucas has known he was not the girl he was born as. By seven, he’d periodically ask his... +Read More
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