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All-gender washrooms in schools raises question: Who cares where you pee?

The small picture of a black toilet on a white background above the word “washroom” has become a big sign of inclusion for a rural school district in Saskatchewan. Prairie Valley School Division, near Regina, has created all-gender washrooms at… +Read More

Dad ‘fearful’ of day autistic daughter can’t go to class with peers

A Kennebecasis Valley father is concerned about what increasing criticism of the province’s inclusion policy in schools may mean for his autistic daughter. Alex Mouland, whose daughter Kate attends elementary school, said he’s worried what will happen if the government moves away from including students with intellectual, behavioural and physical challenges in classrooms. “I am fearful of the day when Kate isn’t allowed to go into class with her peers, because she absolutely loves it,” said Mouland. “When you have... +Read More

Regina teacher recognized for inclusion work

Leanne Barnes teaches alternative education students at Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School A Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School teacher who lives and breathes inclusion is being honoured tonight for her work as an alternative education teacher. Regina’s Leanne Barnes, who teaches young… +Read More

Gender-neutral bathroom sign at B.C. high school draws smiles

A gender-neutral bathroom in a British Columbia high school is providing some chuckles with a lesson in hygiene. A large blue sticker on the washroom door has an image of a person wearing both pants and a dress standing next to a person in a wheelchair. Underneath it reads: “Whatever. Just wash your hands.” Some students at Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary School in Maple Ridge, east of Vancouver, came up with the idea and the sign was made as part... +Read More

Teaching refugee students a real learning curve

Of all the stories, Koreen Geres remembers one in particular. She was teaching a high school class of refugees in Saskatoon, teens who had fled with their families from a war-stricken region of Europe. The teens had much to learn. So, it turned out, did their teacher. One girl was afraid of everything. She was finally convinced to get on a bus for a field trip, but once she was on, she wouldn’t get off. She wouldn’t go to the... +Read More

Alberta LGBTQ school toolkit praised as ‘good start,’ but called ‘dangerous’ by critic

Mason Jenkins is a 27-year-old transgender Calgary man who began his transition about six years ago. “I just never really fit in those constructed ideas of what it means to be a little girl, what it means to be feminine in our society,” he explained. “Our school system is a very heteronormative system, so it doesn’t really provide experiences of transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, two-spirit, LGBTQ identities.” So for Jenkins, a new guidebook to help teachers discuss issues around gender,... +Read More
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