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Catholic school division cuts aboriginal retention worker jobs

Twelve people received layoff notices on Tuesday as Saskatoon’s Catholic school division eliminated jobs for aboriginal student retention workers in the face of a $9.7 million budget shortfall. Facing growing student enrolment and a reduction in funding, school division officials recently called… +Read More

Talking and listening

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but in order for there to be a fruitful conversation there needs to be two components: talking and listening. One person or entity telling the other how it’s going to be does not qualify as a conversation-any classroom teacher will tell you this. Sure it sounds simple enough, but it’s unfortunately just as simple to revert to the latter–especially if you surmise that you’re the one who has all the answers and... +Read More

Sask. government announce plans to appeal Catholic school funding ruling

The Government of Saskatchewan announced plans to appeal the Court of Queen’s Bench ruling on separate school funding. On April 20, a Queen’s Bench judge ruled that the province can no longer fund non-Catholic students attending a Catholic school. “After… +Read More

Maze would welcome meeting with Premier Wall to deal with education

As Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Patrick Maze pondered the myriad of challenges that lie ahead for the PreK-12 public education sector, he indicated that he would absolutely love to have a face-to-face meeting with Premier Brad Wall. According to Maze,… +Read More

Northern Saskatchewan students introduced in the Legislative Assembly Tuesday

A group of students from northern Saskatchewan are visiting Regina this week to participate in the Provincial Capital Commission’s annual Charles Knight Youth Mentorship program. They were introduced in the Legislature by Bronwyn Eyre, the minister of Advanced Education as… +Read More

Sask. parents still concerned, confused over Education Act amendments

While the dust has seemingly started to settle in the legislature after Bill 63, an amendment to the Education Act, some — particularly parents — across the province are still left concerned and confused. Michelle Grodecki, a Regina mother of… +Read More
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