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Following Their Voices has had impact in northern schools

One of the provincial government’s primary strategies for delving into the area of improving graduation rates for First Nations and Métis students by 2020 has been the Following Their Voices campaign that has included ongoing discussions held throughout the province. Intended to follow up the earlier Student First consultations, cultural sensitivity and honouring Aboriginal knowledge has been one of the cornerstones. Recently, Education Minister Don Morgan, accompanied by Minister responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs Donna Harpauer and... +Read More

Moving forward on reconciliation

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action around the role education can play in actively fostering reconciliation, numerous teachers and students have had opportunities to participate in events designed to reach both hearts and minds. Walking Together: A Day of Education for Truth and Reconciliation held at the University of Regina, Project of Heart and the KAIROS Blanket Exercise are a few that come to mind. What more can teachers and schools do to build upon these learnings and to... +Read More
There was no shortage of discussion or not taking during the numerous consultations that have formed an integral part of the Following Their Voices initiative which is being touted by many.

Following Their Voices has enthusiastic supporters from all sectors

One could fill volumes with the various theories that have been pontificated by those endeavouring to get to the root of the lagging academic achievements of First Nations and Métis students in Saskatchewan. When the provincial government, and specifically the… +Read More

Saul calls treatment of Indigenous people as Canada’s betrayal

One would arguably be hard pressed to find an individual who enjoys challenging the status quo more than celebrated Canadian author John Ralston Saul. Speaking to those attending the Saskatchewan Association for Community Education, he was right in his element… +Read More

More First Nations and Metis youth are graduating from high school

Maggie Eastman is one of a growing number of First Nations and Metis high school graduates this year, but that’s not her only accomplishment. Elected valedictorian by her peers at a recent pre-grad celebration at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre, Eastman is also learning to speak the Cree and Dakota languages of her ancestors. She’s got a message for all of her fellow Indigenous teens trying hard to stay in school. “We need to overcome our physical, mental and... +Read More
Diane Boyko, chairperson of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, signs agreement with the Central Urban Métis Federation Inc. while President Shirley Isbister looks at the documents.

Métis federation signs agreement with Greater Saskatoon Catholic

With a five-year memorandum of understanding ending, officials from both the Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools believe the time is right to strengthen their 10-year partnership in Métis education. “We have a mutual concern for… +Read More
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