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City issues ultimatum on school project, but developer says they will deliver

Thu, Apr 21: The City may soon have a bigger role to play in building one of Regina’s three P3 school projects. Construction of the building itself is coming along, but servicing the land is another issue. This has the developer in danger of defaulting on their contract. David Baxter has more on the potential resolution. Watch Video +Read More
Jason McKay, Jason Vandall and Adam Daigneault spend a moment relaxing in the lounge at SUNTEP, which has become their new home as they have each made a life-changing decision in terms of their respective futures.

Trio of former corrections officers eager to transition to teaching

PRINCE ALBERT – A Hollywood scriptwriter couldn’t come up with a more implausible, yet entirely compelling storyline. Meet Jason McKay, Jason Vandall and Adam Daigneault. What they share in common is considerable, but the way in which their respective paths… +Read More
Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques was a big hit with Silverspring students.

Saint-Jacques shares his own childhood dreams of space travel with young students

When Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques made a recent visit to Silverspring School in Saskatoon he shared his own childhood dreams while at the same time encouraging those youngsters in the audience to similarly follow their own dreams. With the aid… +Read More

Are We on Track for Our Global Education Goals?

The fast approaching deadline for the Millennium Development Goals is a reminder of vital commitments by all the global society on priorities vital for development. On July 6-7 2015, Norway hosted a global summit on education for development and attempted to do precisely this. The aim of Oslo Education Summit was straightforward: to boost global efforts in education. The summit was widely attended by government heads, ministers from 40 countries, international organizational leaders, and international advocates for the right to... +Read More

Women’s Caucus and Official Opening of the 7th World Congress of Education International

Ottawa – Under the theme “Unite for Quality Education”, the 7th World Congress of Education International (EI) will officially open at 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 21 and run until Sunday, July 26 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. In their opening remarks, EI President, Susan Hopgood, and General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen, as well as many other representatives will share their perspectives on why education should be take a prominent role worldwide. Full article Education International World Congress website +Read More
Patrick Maze, newly elected Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President, talks to Saskatchewan School Boards Association President Connie Bailey.

Maze elected as STF President

SASKATOON – Following a fairly tumultuous year with a variety of challenges facing provincial teachers, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Annual Meeting of Council underlined the desire for change among those educators attending as they elected Patrick Maze of Regina as… +Read More
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