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Education Minister David Eggen sends out message to LGBTQ students

Education minister David Eggen penned an open letter to LGBTQ kids Tuesday, pledging the province’s support with any problems they may have at school this year. “A few weeks from now, you and thousands of other Alberta students will head… +Read More

Cultural diversity and language introduced as new policy

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Policy 1.11 (Cultural Diversity and Language) is another new policy in the Social Justice and Political Advocacy area. It was developed to update an earlier policy (culture and language, 1982) to align with current thinking. One belief identified in this policy states that “people of all cultures are free and equal to all other peoples and individuals, and have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination based on their cultural origins or identities,” a statement reflective... +Read More

Dyck family says education ministry’s gender supports are a good step towards inclusion

When Lucas Dyck began Grade 8, his parents tried to register him at school as a male. It couldn’t be done. This fall, he won’t have that issue. The education ministry is working to better accommodate transgender students, allowing them to enrol as male, female, or unspecified, depending on their self-identity and not on their identification. Since he was three years old, Lucas has known he was not the girl he was born as. By seven, he’d periodically ask his... +Read More

Gender and sexual diversity new reality in provincial classrooms

Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have contributed to a growing awareness of gender and sexual diversity in society. As well, television shows such as I am Jazz may lead to conversations among youth about gender identity which are bound to reach into the school and school community. The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation policy, gender and sexual diversity, provides support for Saskatchewan teachers as part of the newly developed policies on social justice and equity. All individuals are assigned a... +Read More
Dr. Kristopher Wells left those attending Prairie Valley Institute with much to digest.

Wells gives the straight facts on creating supportive school climate

REGINA – There was an audible collective gasp from many of the 1,300 folks gathered in the room when Dr. Kristopher Wells recounted an email he had received from a father indicating that he would actually have wished his son… +Read More

Education can make all the difference in the lives of refugee children

My partner and I were in Grand Bend over the weekend, marking the end of summer. The wonderful beach was full of happy families, large umbrellas and little kids playing along the shore. We all live in one world, but in vastly different realities. Refugees are all over the news these days — and refugees never make the news. What’s newsworthy about their daily hunger, struggle for documents, and lack of sleep? Refugees from the crop of modern wars have... +Read More
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