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‘I wanted to die’: Gender diverse teen talks self-harm and support after bullying

Jordyn Dyck didn’t want to live anymore after experiencing incessant bullying. “I wanted to die,” the 14-year-old said. “People didn’t like me, I guess, because of who I am.” In Grade 7, Jordyn came out to peers as transgender at school. Jordyn now identifies… +Read More

Anti-bullying resources launched

A number of new anti-bullying resources are being provided to Saskatchewan schools to assist students and teachers as they work to end bullying and create more caring and inclusive schools. The resources include several videos that have been developed as… +Read More

Pink Day co-founder tells Saskatoon students they can be a ‘hero’

While thousands of students across Saskatchewan are donning pink outfits in a show of unity against bullying, a select few at Brevoort Park School were able to spend time with one of the individuals who started the movement. Travis Price, co-founder of Pink… +Read More

Ignoring indigenous culture leads to classroom disconnect

April-Skye Biolchini was bullied so often and so harshly in high school, she came dangerously close to giving up on her education altogether. Most of the bullies targeted her because she was indigenous, said Biolchini, who is originally from the Six Nations of the Grand River in southern Ontario. The 18-year-old recalls struggling to concentrate in the classroom. She could barely sleep at night and rarely wanted to get out of bed in the morning. Biolchini’s one of many indigenous students who struggle to succeed in... +Read More
Judge David Arnot, chief commissioner for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, was among the speakers at the Power of One event.

Power of One

The focal point of the day at Centennial Collegiate in Saskatoon might well have been the celebrated diplomat Raoul Wallenberg and his exploits during World War II in helping to save scores of Hungarian Jews from the horrors of the… +Read More

Hundreds of Saskatchewan kids now trained to fight bullying

Young people now qualified as Red Cross Youth Facilitators Young people from across the province are now armed with the tools they need to stop bullying in their schools and communities, after attending two days of intense training in Saskatoon. “These students now have the skills and tools to provide bullying prevention presentations in their own schools and communities,” said Red Cross Respect Education Provincial Manager Valerie Pearson. “Over the next few years, these students will speak to thousands of... +Read More
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