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Belinda Daniels’ colourfully adorned, serene classroom plays important role in teaching.

Language is spoken from the heart for Daniels in her teaching

She might speak quite softly and in an unassuming way, but one should never doubt the passion that runs deep within Belinda Daniels. There are other undeniable traits that surface when listening to Daniels as she sits in her richly… +Read More

Exploring the colour blue on Autism Awareness Day

Just like most six-year-olds, Sharlize Mandes loves to colour and it’s one of the ways she expresses herself since she’s non-verbal.Her mother, Jeanelle Mandes, said it’s one of the things she noticed set her daughter apart from other children at an early age. “I never really voiced those concerns until one of my friends asked me, ‘Do you think your daughter might be slightly autistic?’ It felt like somebody slapped me in the face.” However, things got easier after Mandes... +Read More

Shake it Off St Theresa Style 2Anti Bullying

Thanks Mr. Brown for your amazing vocals and the staff for their participation! +Read More

Hundreds of UCDSB students and staff “Shake It Off” in new video

Hundreds of students and staff from over 40 elementary and secondary schools across 1,200 kilometres of the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) are featured in a new video called “2015 UCDSB Shake It Off.” +Read More
École Connaught Community School principal Christopher Keyes is shown alongside teacher Wybo Ottenbreit-Born.

Keyes and staff of École Connaught Community School adjust to life as vagabonds

REGINA – For sheer drama and irony on so many levels, you would be hard-pressed to find a situation in education that would equal that of École Connaught Community School. Whereas things had been pretty much status quo for quite… +Read More

Student First Anti-Bullying Youth Forum

In November 2014, approximately 150 students from across the province took part in the second annual Student First Anti-Bullying forum. The forum was an opportunity for students to share their experiences, work together to find possible solutions to address bullying… +Read More
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