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The Teacher Project

Posted: 11/15/16 3:14pm CST
The Teacher Project

Saskatoon Teachers’ Association presents, The Teacher Project, a series of videos each sharing a personal story from the perspective of a teacher, student and parent. Interactions and relationships between teachers and students are celebrated, as students and parents speak about their appreciation for teachers and the positive impact they have in their child’s life.

The videos are available on the STA’s Facebook page and are shared via social media using the hashtag #theteacherproject. For more information about the STA, visit their website.

The Teacher Project | Melanie’s Story

At Dundonald School, Mrs. Melanie Lynchuk’s classroom is filled with warmth, light, joy and discovery. Melanie is passionate about the Reggio approach in kindergarten education and it shows in the happiness in her students’ faces. This is her story.

The Teacher Project | Marc’s Story

Oskayak is an inspiring school in itself, but Marc Gobeil’s guitar-building class takes it to the next level. An Apple distinguished educator, Mr. Gobeil combines his passion for teaching and working with young people with his love for technology. This is his story.

The Teacher Project | Jeffre’s Story

“A real firecracker.” Meet Jeffre. This young man is a student in Mrs. Lenz-Fabian’s class at Bethlehem High School and the combination of the two brings joy to everyone they meet. This is their story.

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