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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Students Learn to Hug a Tree and Stay Safe

Posted: 06/21/17 9:38am CST
Photo credit: Teddy Kelley

Hug a tree and stay in one place, stay warm, and tell someone where you’re going before you leave.

Those were some of the main tips Grade 1 students at Caroline Robins Community School learned from Saskatoon Search and Rescue. The Hug a Tree and Survive presentation educates students on things they can do if they get lost, in an urban area or in a forest.

Sean Taylor with Saskatoon Search and Rescue says they were called out to find missing people 17 times last year, with 7 cases outside of city limits. He says it’s key for kids to know to stay in one place and make noise so a search team can narrow down where you are.

Taylor says moving from location to location increases the chances that a search team could pass you without seeing you. He says it’s also important to tell someone where you will be going, who you are with and what time you expect to return. That information will allow police to mark a starting point which they can use to reduce the search area.

Students learned how to build a nest to sit on so they are elevated over the moist ground, with one demonstration showing how much an emergency blanket can cover. Grade 1 classmates Elliott and Mahar say they learned a lot about how to be safe from the presentation.

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