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Staff & Students Say Goodbye to John Chisholm School

Posted: 06/28/17 10:17am CST
Photo credit: Michal Grosicki

They roamed the halls, looked through pictures and art, and shared memories Monday night at John Chisholm Alternate School, in light of Prairie South School Division (PSSD) announcing that the school will close for good at the end of this school year.

John Chisholm has been an alternative for high school students who have not had success in a “regular setting”, according to PSSD. The goal of the school was to guide students to the point of being able to return to a “typical” high school setting.

Past and present students, teachers, parents and supporters of the high school were invited to share goodies Monday night, leave their mark on the school and speak to people they had encountered while they were there.

“This has just been a really nice evening for people who haven’t been here in a while to come back and relive some memories,” said Vice-Principal Jan Stewart. “They can reconnect with people who they haven’t seen in a while and a way for all of us to acknowledge the work that has been done here.”

There was laughter, tears and a lot of hugs from those in attendance Monday night as they toured the building one last time.

“John Chisholm is a special place in our community and inviting everyone back to do a final walk through or give them a chance to connect with people they maybe haven’t seen in a while,” Stewart continued. “It’s just a good way to end the school year and to end alternate programming.”

All current staff and students will be placed within the other PSSD high schools in Moose Jaw and there’s no word yet on the future of the building.

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