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Souris School to close with build of new school

Posted: 06/21/17 9:48am CST
Photo credit: Michal Grosicki

The board of trustees for Southeast Cornerstone School Division voted unanimously on Thursday to include Souris School with Haig and Queen Elizabeth schools, and will close the school once the new elementary school is built and ready to open.

The new school is slated to be built on the site of the former Weyburn Junior High on Fifth Street once that school has been demolished, with one trustee noting it could take three years before the new school will be opened.

Once the elementary students are located in the new school, all three current elementary schools will close, leaving only Assiniboia Park as a stand-alone elementary school.

The Weyburn Junior High was closed with the Grades 7-9 moved over to the Weyburn Comprehensive School, and this was the first full school year where the Comp was a Grades 7-12 school.

“The issues around a school closure are never easy,” said Weyburn trustee Warren Betker. “When we were given the go-ahead on a possible new elementary school, we started to look at Souris and whether they should be a part of that. We went to the school-community council and other parent groups.”

Education director Lynn Little said there were presentations made to the council, and again to another group of parents from Souris with votes taken as to whether they would support having their children attend a new larger elementary school.

The presentation included the history of education in Weyburn, and also looked at the options of what will be offered in the new school, which will be a pre-kindergarten to Grade 6 school with a day care, with the proposal that in partnership with the City of Weyburn to have a fieldhouse facility attached.

There was information about some similar school-sports facility buildings that have been built in recent years around the province, as well as information about the current state of Souris, including the fact the school will not be getting any more capital upgrades as there are many other school projects in more need ahead of Souris in the province.

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