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School welcomes ‘Lucky’ goose

Posted: 05/23/17 10:11am CST
Photo credit: Gary Bendig

He’s one lucky duck or rather, goose.

A teacher’s aid at East Central School rescued a goose egg that would later become a class pet. The aid’s dog almost made a snack of the unborn baby goose, but she managed to wrestle it free. Unable to find a nest, she brought the egg to teacher Pam Grassick as her class was attempting to hatch chicks.

The class named the gosling Lucky, as he’s lucky to be alive. Ever since he hatched, Grassick has had a constant companion.

“He enjoys being out and about in the classroom,” she said. “He follows me around the school wherever I go. I have a water table that’s for the children [but] he likes to go in there and swim. I have also setup a paddling pool outside in the school yard.”

Grassick said she doesn’t take Lucky home. Instead, the little guy stays with the chicks under the heat lamp.

The plan is for the parent who donated the chicks and incubator to the class to eventually adopt Lucky. Grassick said the mother has a barn where he can live out his life.

“This is nature right in the classroom,” she said. “It’s so exciting for the children to see. We not only have kindergarten up to Grade 8 students that just love coming in and checking on the chicks and the eggs as they hatch but we also have staff members who are very excited to get to school in the morning.”

She added it’s not every day that a class gets to welcome a Canadian goose.

Kash Hawryluk, 6, helped pick Lucky’s name. He polled his classmates and found the choice very fitting.

“He’s super lucky,” he added. “He could have been lunch for the dog.”

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