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Schmaltz appointed Executive Director

Posted: 02/17/17 9:00am CST
Randy Schmaltz

Following the most recent meeting of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Executive, it was announced that Randy Schmaltz had been appointed as the Executive Director/CEO of the provincial organization effective April 1, 2017, at which time current Executive Director Gwen Dueck will be retiring.

In his seven years on staff with the Federation, most recently as Associate Executive Director since April 2016, Schmaltz has been particularly involved in the bargaining process, including as the Collective Bargaining Support staff lead since 2011.

Prior to joining the Federation, Schmaltz spent 21 years as a teacher and principal in primarily rural Saskatchewan schools. During that time he was president of the Saskatchewan School Based Administrators and was a director with the Canadian Association of Principals.

Schmaltz also facilitated professional development programs for instructional leaders and was a teacher member of the Federation’s Advisory Committee on Gender Equity and the Communications Advisory Committee.

While on staff with the Federation, Schmaltz served as a member of numerous STF strategic and administrative teams, committees and boards. This includes current service on the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee, the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee as well as support of the Executive Visioning and Strategic Planning Committee.

Schmaltz currently represents the Federation on the Teacher Classification Board and has been an integral part of both the Joint Committee on Student and Teacher Time and the Task Force on Teacher Time during the past two years. In addition, he has provided leadership on numerous local negotiation and employer-employee relations processes on behalf of teachers.

He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, having earned a bachelor of education in 1989 and master of education in educational administration in 2008.

Furthermore, he has certificates in labour-management relations, negotiation, and pension investment management.

STF President Patrick Maze, in making the announcement, said “I look forward to working closely with Randy and outgoing Executive Director Gwen Dueck during this transition period.” According to Maze, there was considerable external interest in the position but ultimately the Executive was impressed by Schmaltz’s presentation and felt a sense of comfort in having someone step in who is familiar with the Federation. “It will be nice to have a person with their vision of where we could go, even if there are times of some uncertainty. Randy [Schmaltz] is coming during a period of stability within the Federation [which he attributed in large part to Dueck’s work] and at the same time we feel he can take it to the next level.”

Dueck, meanwhile, leaves the STF after having spent the past eight years as the organization’s first female General Secretary/ Executive Director.

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