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Saskatoon Catholic Schools considering switch to 1 menu

Posted: 06/27/17 9:06am CST
Photo credit: Holly Mindrup

Division recommends Complete Purchasing Services Inc. for 3-year contract.

All Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools may soon be serving the same menu.

The school board is considering moving to a centralized food system which would standardize snacks and meals.

The division says the school-based nutrition programs provide nutritious food to students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it throughout the day.

The school board discussed the option at a meeting on Monday night.

If the provision is approved, all schools would be moved to one menu, which the school division argues will offer consistency. High school cafeteria lunches could also be moved to the same model.

The school division does not currently use one vendor to supply all the food for the nutrition program in each school. The move would save an estimated $85,000.

The division has proposed offering a three-year contract to Complete Purchasing Services Inc., a conglomerate of over 400 manufacturers, suppliers and distributors across Canada.

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