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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Saskatchewan Sask. Teachers’ Federation concerned education property tax will flow into province’s general revenue fund

Posted: 06/09/17 9:22am CST

Government says tax revenue still directed toward education

The president of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation believes it’s inaccurate to use the term “education property tax.”

The model of education property tax distribution was changed with the 2017-18 provincial budget.

Money collected by municipalities will now go into the province’s general revenue fund account, then be distributed to school divisions. Previously, municipalities would collect and direct the funds straight to the school divisions.

“When they collect money and put it into the general revenue fund, then the concerns are that it’s not being directed back to education,” STF president Patrick Maze said.

“It’s an education property tax. It should go directly from the municipalities to the school divisions that they’re intended to support.”

Government says only difference is the account

The provincial government remains firm that education property tax will be directed towards education, despite the new model.

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