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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Sask. gets $39M from federal government for early education

Posted: 06/13/17 10:30am CST

Saskatchewan’s education minister says federal money for early childhood education could be in place as early as next fall.

Don Morgan was in Ottawa on Monday to attend the funding announcement, which includes $13 million annually over three years for Saskatchewan through the federal government’s Early Learning and Child Care Framework agreement.

The government has committed $7.5 billion to the provinces and territories over 11 years, with $1.2 billion over three years specifically earmarked for early year and child care programs.

Morgan said the money will be used to improve quality, inclusivity and accessibility.

“We know that we have a diverse province,” he said. “We have our First Nations partners that we want to work with and we also have a large number of early-years special learners that have got unique needs … so we want to try and do the things that we can to try and help those children as much as we can.”

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