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Regina’s new Sacred Heart School highlights indigenous culture

Posted: 06/26/17 10:40am CST
Photo credit: Jessica Ruscello

The grand opening of Regina’s new Sacred Heart School started with a prayer from a priest and an elder.

They blessed the school with holy water and sacred medicine. The vision is to maintain cultural and religious duality within the school

“We are going through truth and reconciliation with staff and students and learning from our mistakes that we have made in the past, and moving forward and creating pride in the First Nations culture,” said Sacred Heart School principal David Magnusson.

Seventy-three per cent of students at Sacred Heart School are indigenous. Elder May Desnomie hopes that, along with displays of indigenous art, will come indigenous programming.

“I’m hoping that they will incorporate more First Nations and Metis and Inuit programming within this school,” Desnomie said. “Hopefully, maybe our Cree language will come back into this school.”

One of the main features of the school is the library. Both the structure and the books that reside within the space make it so special.

The library also contains many indigenous books by indigenous authors on topics such as the history of residential schools and indigenous cultural practices.

Students and staff moved into the new Sacred Heart School in late April.

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