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Regina teacher Kyle Webb experiments with flipped classroom

Posted: 09/01/15 2:02pm CST

Students view video lesson at home

Kyle Webb says it’s an experiment that’s adding up.

Webb teaches at St. Josaphat Elementary School in Regina. He’s been trying out a model called ‛flipped classrooms‛ and he says the system is paying off in his math class.

He starts it by making a short video recording that students can view on their computers at home.

“They watch the video and then they have a task they have to do, and sometimes that task is just showing me that they got it, sometimes it’s using an interactive tool online that will show them if they understand it,” he said in an interview with Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski.

Webb said that he can then quickly identify which students understand the concepts, and which may need help.

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