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Quality of education untouched in latest Chinook School Division cost-saving decision

Posted: 05/31/17 9:28am CST
Photo credit: Jimi Filipovski

Chinook has made a programming decision to try and cope with a deficit in funding from the provincial budget.

Fortunately for the teachers and students in the division, the cost-savings will not negatively factor into the quality of education provided.

Starting this fall, the Chinook Alternative Middle Plus School (CAMPS) in Swift Current will be moving into Fairview school.

Kyle McIntyre, Director of Education for Chinook School Division, explains the division sees a lot of a benefits from the move that aren’t financial, but the primary driver was finance-related.

“This primarily for us was an opportunity to look at some of our expenditures; one of the areas we looked at was programs. This is a program that was off of an existing campus and it was costing us some money to be off campus. We had some space so really, this is a good efficiency in terms of program and in terms of expenditure,” he said.

McIntyre also shares that schools specializing in assisted and alternative learning like CAMPS are vital to the division and the residents in the area.

“We really believe whole-heartedly in differentiating our instruction for kids. Sometimes kids not only have academic challenges, they also have social and emotional challenges,” he said. “So we’re please that we have a program like CAMPS to bring some interventions and supports for kids and families that require it.”

The ability to move the kids into Fairview School will be beneficial beyond the budget as well, as Chinook School Division tends to try and transition kids from CAMPS back into a more traditional school setting.

McIntyre calls the move “an opportunity to work hand-in-hand and get kids back into regular classrooms as quickly and as seamlessly as possible”.

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