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Powwow offers shared learning experience

Posted: 05/29/17 10:46am CST
Photo credit: Ricardo Gomez

Students dressed in traditional regalia took to centre stage yesterday and danced in unison to showcase culture and community.

The event was part of Prince Albert Catholic Community School’s third annual powwow at St. Michael Community School Thursday morning.

“What we are trying to do is give students and their families an opportunity to experience powwow,” school coordinator Therese Gerow said. ”It is a beautiful First Nations ceremony that some of our students, even though we have a high demographic of First Nations children, have not experienced powwow.”

More than 200 people gathered at the event which showcased drum and dance groups who practiced throughout the school year.

“We live in community with people of different cultures and I think it is so important to learn about each other’s cultures so we can work together to make the world a better place,” Gerow said.

This testament was seen during numerous multi-tribal round dances held in the morning, where the young observers were invited on stage to participate with their peers.

For elder Liz Settee, to see children learn, connect, share and celebrate First Nations culture was overwhelming, she said.

“My heart just swells every year when I am a part of this,” she said. “We need more of this because to understand each other we need to know about each other and know the different cultures.”

The Elder was proud to witness the youth dancing. She said it was enriching to see a return to  “something that was once taken from us.”

“We are trying to teach the younger generation how things used to be. It is the bringing together of not only family but the community,” Settee said.

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