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Positive tickets handed out to students at Weyburn Comp

Posted: 05/29/17 10:13am CST
Photo credit: Nino Ubezio

You might see some teens rocking some bright new shades around town for a good reason.

SGI and the Weyburn Police Service teamed up to hand out positive tickets at the Weyburn Comprehensive School.

The tickets were given to students who practiced safe driving habits, along with a pair of brightly-colored glasses, which were a token reminder to never drive under the influence.

“We believe positive ticketing will encourage them to keep these driving behaviors so that going into the future they maintain that safe driving behavior,” said Jackie Vosch, Community Relations Coordinator for Traffic Safety with SGI.

“What we’re encouraging is for the young students and young drivers to avoid any type of drinking and driving, any impaired driving, whether it be by drugs or alcohol,” said Constable Kalin Weibe with the Weyburn Police Service.

Weibe noted that this is especially important as we are now approaching graduation season.

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