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Pink Day co-founder tells Saskatoon students they can be a ‘hero’

Posted: 02/14/17 9:21am CST
Photo credit: Alice Moore

While thousands of students across Saskatchewan are donning pink outfits in a show of unity against bullying, a select few at Brevoort Park School were able to spend time with one of the individuals who started the movement.

Travis Price, co-founder of Pink Day, spent Monday morning with Brevoort Park students in Saskatoon talking about the importance of speaking up against bullying. It was a choice made by a fellow student to stand up for him that changed his life.

When Price was in high school, he had the opportunity to repay the favour, standing up for a student who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. As a way to show support, Price and a best friend wore pink shirts to show that the bullied student was not alone — an act that would eventually go viral. Now, Price travels the world encouraging school-aged children to stand up and be a hero for others. The campaign is active in more than 30 countries.

“Every bullied kid looks for hope,” he told the Brevoort Park students to kick off the 2017 campaign in Saskatchewan.

Price was scheduled to speak to a group of almost 1,000 students at the University of Saskatchewan on Monday afternoon, but the small assembly Monday morning allowed students to ask Price questions about his own experiences. At the end of the event, students were asked to stand up if they would intervene when they saw someone being bullied. Every single student rose to their feet, an act Price called motivational and encouraging.

“It’s empowering,” he said. “It really pumps me up to see kids that want to make a difference in their communities.

“We changed the culture within this community and I guarantee you in the next few weeks, there’s going to be kids who stand up for one another.”

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