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Olympic hopeful mentors Weyburn students

Posted: 05/23/17 10:02am CST
Photo credit: Rose Erkul

He’s been known to run 100 metres in just over 10 seconds.

And Canadian sprinter Sam Effah, an Olympic hopeful, hasn’t wasted any time picking up school friends, either.

The Calgary-born sprinter was in Weyburn this week, meeting face-to-face with his many fans.

Effah takes part in an educational program called ‘Classroom of Champions’. Most of his interaction with the kids is online. “On Google Plus, it’s a platform where all the teachers can post their monthly lessons.” Effah told Discover Weyburn during a Thursday evening school celebration in his honour.

“Our own personal mentor videos are also posted there. They relay the messages to the kids, and a couple of times a year they do Skype chat as well, so they get to see me face-to-face through internet. And then finally I get to interact with them in person.”

Effah works with more than one class as part of the inspirational program, but confesses he has a favourite. “I’ve been in Weyburn. I have classrooms out in Toronto, I’ve had classes in Calgary. But it’s one of my favourites, because, you know, I have that bias on being born and raised out in the west, so getting to come out here is a treat for me, as much as it is for the kids.”

And during his visit to Weyburn on Thursday, the children made it clear he’s a favourite of theirs, as well.

Their teacher, Kendra Gonczy, couldn’t agree more. “Oh my gosh, you couldn’t contain them. They were so excited. We have done so much to prepare for Sam’s visit, and they are just so excited. He’s a huge celebrity in our classroom, so they’re very pumped for it.”

This is the second year Weyburn has had Effah as their champion mentor.

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