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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

New report highlights gaps between province’s poorest and most affluent schools

Posted: 06/05/17 8:36am CST

Ontario schools report more focus on Indigenous learning and programs, advocacy group People for Education finds.

Equity has become a buzz word in education, with Ontario boards championing equal access to learning and opportunities for all students.

But in reality, major gaps between kids from the most affluent neighbourhoods and those in high-needs communities are becoming entrenched, according to the latest annual report from People for Education.

Although the gulf is widening, provincial grants dedicated to levelling the playing field are not keeping up, adds the advocacy and research group, which surveyed 1,100 schools in the province and released its 20th annual report Monday.

“Getting public education to do what it’s supposed to do and overcome intergenerational cycles of poverty is not doing as well as it should,” executive director Annie Kidder said in an interview.

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