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Music part of Literacy for Life conference

Posted: 05/30/17 9:00am CST
The Physical Activity Complex at the University of Saskatchewan was a beehive of activity as music filled the air. There were 10 different elementary school bands and their enthusiastic teachers who took turns performing and listening in the stands until it was their turn. Although the task of moving that many people and their musical equipment might have seemed like a difficult task, it seemed to go off without a hitch.

The highly successful Literacy for Life conference celebrated its 12th anniversary this year with some of the province’s brightest stars in writing, illustration, storytelling and music.

The event, which has become a cornerstone of Saskatoon Public Schools annual agenda, featured a keynote address by Saskatchewan author and historian Bill Waiser as well as numerous other presenters.

In addition, the five-day conference held primarily at the University of Saskatchewan campus, also incorporated Music Monday. The event featured performances from 10 different elementary school bands, and while the event was originally scheduled to be held outdoors, inclement weather sent the participants scrambling to the Physical Activity Complex.

Music Monday is an annual national event held to celebrate the importance of music in our lives and in schools. The Saskatoon component of the event was a cacophony of noise as exuberant students and teachers alike shared their passion for music.

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